Wednesday, December 12, 2018

How to Paint Flowers and more

How to paint flowers. Flowers have details for beginning artists to learn from they help you be comfortable with your paint and materials and you can paint abstract flowers or realistic flowers.
ArtVilla is our choice for art lessons, because their free, they are video galleries, and often, are made by artists. It's a way to learn yourself, on your own, and it's free. They even have a lesson on how to paint flowers.
1. It is often helpful to draw allowing outline of the flower on your surface. It is especially necessary with watercolor for with watercolor, light areas need to be identified early.
2. With most media you can start with a light wash of color. Renaissance artists, such as Rembrandt, often started paintings with the wash of burnt sienna and red. This is good for oil and acrylic but with watercolor, the wash needs to be very light in color.
3. Most artists start with the darker colors or the shadows first. With flowers the darkest areas are between the petals in between the flowers.
4. Flowers are made up of petals and bud which contains both the mailman and the female parts of the flower. When you paint flowers, not all flowers are facing you showing you their petals, some are to the side, or drooping over, or dry and brown. Paint these features as you see them. It is often better to paint from real life or photographs because nature has more details than your mind can make up.
5. Outline the flowers with paint and paint highlights with the clean brush. Alternate between light and dark if your media is oil or acrylic. It is easy for painting in oil or acrylic to become muddy with less distinction between the dark and light. Often painting in oil requires time for each layer to dry.
6. Watercolor is less forgiving and, for most people, more expressive and of the moment. Technique is of the essence because you cannot go from dark to light only from light to dark. With oils or acrylics, only the top layer shows unless you're using layering with oil. With this method, thin layers of translucent color are applied on top of each other. This method relies on technique also.
ArtVilla is our choice for art lessons, because their free, they are video galleries, have a lesson on how to paint flowers.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Everybody is Talking Free Lessons

Free online art lessons can be more fun and, if you like to learn on your own, can be better for you. We hope you enjoy our art lesson journey. We noticed at Abstract Original Art Lessons and Clarksvilleweb that art lessons seem to be a hot topic. They are point to Lessons in art at Artvilla. We've found some other cool sites . Here's one. We like this list Free Online Art Classes : art instruction from professional art ... to basic skills and techniques through lessons that guide your every creative energy into every piece of art you make FREE! Kids Online Art Classes Art Lessons Online are fun....Clyde Homerinsky

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