Monday, October 30, 2017

Pastel Paintings for Sale by Justyna Kostkowska

Pastel Paintings for Sale by international artist Justyna Kostkowska are now available at the popular e-zine for art poetry and music, Artvilla. Having been on the Internet for 20 years now Artvilla has decided to turn a few of their thousands of pages into an art store. This means selecting products in their three categories, the first being art. Justyna Kostkowska brings a new category to their Internet shelves called "pastel paintings for sale". Artvilla was also well known for their art lessons and they have a page on how to paint with pastels.

"Justyna as a landscape painter and her paintings have good depth of field and wonderful color. Justyna's work blends perfect earth tones with elements of color and landscape. These pastel paintings are very affordable.She's a good addition to our villas repertoire of artists.".......Jackson

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Chicken Paintings

Chicken Painting by Carol Berning

Garden Path with Chickens Gustav Klimt

Chicken and Chicks 1909 Edgar Hunt (1876-1943)

Tornado Over Kansas, 1929 John Stuart Curry 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Landscape Paintings by David Michael Jackson

Landscape paintings and abstract paintings wouldn't seem to have so much in common but they do. Distinct shapes in trees are naturally broken down into abstraction as the distance from the trees increases. The leaves, when not seen individually, but in groups, create abstract moving shapes in the wind. The better I get at painting abstracts, the more colors I tend to use. In nature the trees are not all the same shade of green, some are cool, some are warm. I tend to paint water a lot, maybe I'm a water sign but I like the reflections in the stream or creek always make a good picture. Water has symbolism, a stream is the passing time, it is a symbol of baptism and the birth of man. Landscape is something, like life, which is constantly changing. The same scene painted years later can surprise you how much change has occurred. Usually landscape art is a symbolic representation of a place, and is stylized rather than totally realistic. You can't paint every stick. Landscapes are sometimes created with technique rather than work. A sculpted mountain, a stream or a lake, and a happy tree lives here. It is better to try to paint all of the sticks rather than to use fancy brushstrokes to shape the world of the landscape.I have landscape paintings for sale at and at

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