Saturday, August 19, 2017

Renaissance Art and the effect on Modern Art

Famous Renaissance art and the effect on modern art, well, is there an effect. Since one thing always leads to another, did we get here because of Renaissance art? What is here? We seem to have taken the paint off the canvas and left ourselves with the nail, or an installation to take down. The nature of art itself that is not permanent, any statement is about the impermanence.
If Rembrandt or da Vinci were here, what would they think of today's art. Would they be able to see their influence or would they throw their arms in the air and rail about what we lost? Ah, but art is about impermanence. Michelangelo's statue of David is not permanent, it will wear away with time. We say famous artist, and that must mean good artist?
The sand paintings of the monks, which are done with grains of sand of different colors and then swept away is a spiritual representation of all art.
Here is a good place to start the study of the Renaissance. They have a video lessons on about 50 Renaissance artists. If you like ceramics and pottery you might like the new site, ceramics buy online, who has just published some good videos about Renaissance ceramics

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