Saturday, August 12, 2017

Art Lessons on the Net

Art lessons on the net. The Internet has become a place to take lessons of all kinds. Art lessons are no exception. Online videos have become a great place for artists to share their techniques on the Internet via YouTube and others. A popular website
  Free Online Art Lessons has become a place for art students together and watch videos on lots of art topics. Here are some of their categories.

There are other places for art lessons on the Internet. Jerry's Artarama does a good job of presenting video. Skillshare also has lessons for beginners.
An interesting addition is Lois DeWitt . Her free online art classes warrant a good review like was done in the New York Times. She deserves it.
Another excellent site for art lessons is Artist DailyFree Painting & Drawing Lessons. They use good photographs and instructions rather than video.
One thing we like about Artvilla is the range of topics.

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