Monday, August 14, 2017

Abstract art and Why to Buy

Abstract art and why to buy. Abstract art is a natural place for art to have gone. It's like taking an Impressionist painting and looking at it really closer until all we see are the color and the feeling. We all think of colors having feelings. Red means many things, love, anger, fire, expression. Blue is the sky and a feeling of openness. Colors are thought of as warm or cool. The warm browns and reds and oranges, maybe, are colors of the fire in the hearth while blue and green are more outside, and cool. Abstract expressionism, of course, is typified by Jackson Pollock, Rothko de Kooning and others and represents an expression that does not rely on form but relies on color.
Abstract art is the art of not painting anything, it is the art of disdain for intent. It is a slashing at the canvas and then discovering the painting. It's meaning is in the observer after it's painted. Abstract paintings are hard to name, and a name is always needed.
Abstract art is hard to sign. Maybe it has an orientation that the artist intended, but that is not the orientation, necessarily, that the beholder sees. Consider the image above. Too many it should be rotated to the left. Some may see a face or an animal. This makes abstract art fun.
What do you see in this piece? The artist is not there to tell you. It's up to you. That makes some abstract art different from what we see as regular art.
Abstract art is decorative by its very nature. It can be an accent color and style without representation which fits modern architectural design rather well. It looks good with concrete and glass, and an office or modernist home.

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Recently art villa became a gallery as well as an e-zine and is now a selling art on the Internet. We like this site and always have since it's been on the net since 1998, a well are respected name in art lessons and art history and now in art sale on the Internet. Early artists didn't really sell art but painted on commission from the church, the king and other royalty. It wasn't until civilization developed that art for sale to the consumer became available.

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